A tale of tears

14/03/2014 16:21

Written by Thammy Evans

Legend has it that a town once stood in place of the great Lake Prespa. While walking through the local woods one day, the son of the king of the town chanced upon a wood nymph whose beauty surpassed that of any girl he had hitherto laid eyes upon. On asking her name, she replied in an enchanting voice ‘Nereida’. The king’s son fell immediately in love with the nymph and came to the woods many times to woo her and take her hand in marriage, offering her all the riches of his father’s land and a place by his side as the queen of the kingdom. But the nymph turned down his generous offer, saying that she could not marry a mortal without sinister consequences befalling the groom and his homeland. Unable to imagine a deed so awful and unable to suppress his love for the nymph, he chose one night to have her kidnapped and kept her in confinement until she accepted his offer of marriage. Upon their pronouncement as husband and wife, however, the heavens opened and a downpour of rain ensued. The rain did not stop until the whole town was underwater and every citizen had drowned. The result is the present-day Lake Prespa. The moral of the story is that when a woman says ‘no’ she really does mean it.

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