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18/04/2019 10:21

Written by Bradt Travel Guides

Chapter 4: North Taiwan
Chapter 5: Hakka Country
Chapter 7: Southwest Taiwan 
Chapter 9: East Taiwan

Chapter 4: North Taiwan

Super up-to-date and comprehensive travel information for Jiufen and Shifen can be found on this blog.

[Updated 2/1/20] Because of changes to the insurance rules for YouBike, the shared public bikes in Greater Taipei, foreign tourists are currently unable to rent the bikes unless they pay a deposit of NTD2,000 per bike through their credit cards.

Chapter 5: Hakka Country

Hsinchu City

Hsinchu Image Museum

[Updated 10/6/2019] p. 150: Hsinchu Image Museum is closed for renovations until at least the end of June 2019.

Chapter 7: Southwest Taiwan 


Where to eat and drink

[Updated 24/5/2019] p. 205: Foodies bound for Tainan might like this guide to 11 street-food hot spots, written by the author of Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide. Whether you're looking for shrimp rolls, roasted sweet potatoes, or sweet treats like Neipu rice cake, this article has all the information you need.

Chapter 9: East Taiwan

South from Taitung

Zhiben Hot Springs

[Updated 21/5/2019] p. 299: The stairs up to Jade Waterfall (Baiyu Falls) near Zhiben Hot Springs are currently closed. The little car park at the bottom of the stairs remains open and from it you can see part of the waterfall. From there it's possible to take a steep and rough in places – but navigable – road towards Yaoshan. This is best done by motorcycle, the road being too narrow for larger vehicles.

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