Socialist relics

15/03/2016 12:19

Written by Lucy Mallows

Although Bratislava has eagerly embraced the joys of the free market economy, and swanky westernised hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés cater for the high-fashion-clad beautiful youth, there are still many places where you can find remnants of the past regime, when Czechoslovakia was part of the Eastern Bloc behind Churchill’s Iron Curtain. Here are some places to check out the Socialist relics. 

Authentic Slovakia Tour

Bunker tour Bratislava Slovakia by Lucy MallowsOne of the bunkers visited on the Iron Curtain tour © Lucy Mallows

Two brothers, Branislav and Peter Chrenka, take visitors on a ‘Post Socialist City Tour’ in a vintage, 1970s Škoda 110 around off the beaten track remnants of Bratislava’s communist past. Alternatively, pedal away on a guided cycle ride to the watch-towers and bunkers of the former Iron Curtain border.


Petrzalka Bratislava Slovakia by Pavlovsky, Dreamstime© Pavlovsky, Dreamstime

The most densely populated area in central Europe; these greying concrete tower blocks were constructed between 1973 and 1976.

Slavin Monument

Slavin Monument Bratislava Slovakia by Tomas1111, Dreamstime© Tomas1111, Dreamstime

A memorial by Ján Svetlík (1960) to the 6,850 Soviet soldiers who died in the battle for Bratislava and a statue of a soldier raising a flag by Alexander Trizuljak are found on this grassy lookout point above the city.

Slovak Radio Pyramid

Slovak Radio Pyramid Bratislava Slovakia © Joymsk, Dreamstime© Joymsk, Dreamstime

The inverted pyramid building of Slovenský rozhlas that appears to defy gravity was built in 1967–83.


Ursulinska Bratislava Slovakia by Lucy Mallows© Lucy Mallows

This street has two reliefs in plaster on an offi ce building: one of architects planning and the other of workers toiling.

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