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19/09/2014 22:32

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Chapter 7: Northern Province

Around Makeni

Mamunta-Mayosso Wildlife Sanctuary (MMWS)

p. 290 It is a great place for birdwatchers and adventure tourists who want a nature experience. I highly encourage visitors to MMWS to go off the main road (the Magburaka/Mile 91 road) and go into the village of Mayoso (which is spelled Mayosoh on the signboard on the main road) and ask for Alfred Kamara, who is the Conservator of Wildlife for MMWS (a government employee). He has had this job for over 20 years and really knows the park well. He would be happy to accompany visitors to the sanctuary. 

Also, tourists can visit the village of Mamunta (not easily accessed by vehicle, but easy to reach by bicycle or foot, about 6 miles from Mayoso over flat ground). Women in Mamunta make beautiful, hand-crafted baskets. This is a skill that is being lost, and it would be great to encourage the handicraft to continue through tourist interest. It is very difficult for women of Mamunta to get their baskets to market and get a fair price for them.

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