Getting off the beaten track in the Peloponnese

19/02/2016 15:02

Written by Bradt Travel Guides

The Peloponnese is a region rife with interesting sights – crumbling ancient cities, pretty cobbled villages and some of the best beaches in the Med. But don't confine yourself to just the tourist trail, as there is plenty to be seen if you veer off the beaten track. Here are just a few recommendations: some of these places are better known than others, but all of them have a sense of discovery about them. You might find yourself the only visitor, even in midsummer. 

Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene the Peloponnese Greece by © elgreko, Shutterstock© elgreko, Shutterstock

The site of this ancient city is bigger than Olympia, and it really belongs on any itinerary, but because it’s a little hard to get to almost no-one visits.


Polilimnio The Peloponnese Greece by Nick Pavlakis, Shutterstock © Nick Pavlakis, Shutterstock

In an area where most rivers are dry for much of the year this place makes a welcome change, with a beautiful series of pools and waterfalls that offer a different swimming experience from the sea.




Geraki The Peloponnese Greece by© Ziegler175, Wikimedia Commons

If you liked Mystra, this is a smaller version of the same thing, with beautiful churches and stupendous views. Anywhere else this would be a premier site. Check out the nearby village as well.


Gerolimenas The Peloponnese Greece by©

Little Greek fishing villages always have charm, but this has more than most, along with several good tavernas that will cook the catch, and some startlingly nice places to stay.


Prodromou Monastery the Peloponnese Greece by Nick Pavlakis Shutterstock© Nick Pavlakis, Shutterstock

The most dramatic of the monasteries of the Lousios Gorge, which is itself the most beautiful corner of the evocative region of Arcadia.

For more insider's tips and local recommendations, check out our new guide to the Peloponnese.

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