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Chapter 6: Lake Issyk-Kul South and the Central Tien Shan

Chapter 6: Lake Issyk-Kul South and the Central Tien Shan

Trekking in the Central Tien Shan


[updated 21/09/16] p192–3 The region around Jergalan is an up and coming sports area during both the summer (horseriding and hiking) and winter (skiing, snowboarding and cross-country; nothing mechanised, all natural). A small guest house in the impossibly calm village of Jergalan is brand new, with great beds, super plumbing and good food. It's run by Emil Ibakov and he can be reached at The road from Karakol is rough and you'd be better off sleeping in Jergalan and starting from there. Cost for a room and 3 meals (per person) is 2500 som (about US$35). If you're a lover of off-the-beaten-track destinations, this is it. Nowhere else to drive off from here – just hike up. 


Tamga Tash

[updated 21/09/16] p198 The correct way to show respect is, in fact, to circumambulate the stone clockwise.

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Zoe Hale posted on 10/10/2017 07:13
Chapter 9 Jalalabad province

Arslanbob does now have an ATM (though I did not use it) and at least two banks changing foreign currency. Both banks accepted USD and one also did euros. Market day was Wednesday.
Zoe Hale posted on 10/10/2017 07:10
Chapter 7 - Jalalabad province

There is a daily bus from Jalalabad main bus station which goes to Arkyt although it is signposted for Sary Chelek.

It leaves at 10.00 and costs 260 som. The journey took about 5 hours taking about 2.5 hours to get to Tosh Komur. I believe the service originates in Osh so check at the bus station there for the departure time.

The bus seats were full from Jalalabad though standing passengers were picked up on the way. Picking up the bus at Tosh Komur or Kara Jygach might see you standing.

The bus does one short sideloop on the way up to Arkyt so don't worry if the bus seems to be heading in the wrong direction for a bit.

Returning there is a 06.00 and 07.00 service. When I caught the bus it left slightly before 6 so safest might be to wait on the main road junction where you are staying a little early to catch it. The service I got was very full with passengers being turned away further on down near Kara Jygach. I got off near Tosh Komur to get a shared taxi to Bishkek. The fare to Tosh Komur was 200 som.

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