Greece: the Peloponnese/4 updates

29/01/2019 08:30

Written by Bradt Travel Guides

Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 2: Practical Information

Highlights and suggested itineraries

Ten must-sees


p. 28: At the bottom of the page we recommend Kyparissia as a ‘hidden gem’. In fact, the recommended hidden gem should be Kyparissi, discussed on page 157. Note that Kyparissi can now be accessed via a new coast road from Poulithra. [Updated 24/6/19

Chapter 4: Arcadia

Mount Parnonas and the Arcadian Coast

Astros to Geraki Via the coast and Kosmas

The Arcadian Coast

p. 122: In the Arcadian Coast section we say that the Poulithra is the southern terminus of the road along the Arcadian Coast. In fact, a new road has been opened between Poulithra and Kyparissi. [Updated 24/6/19

Chapter 5: Laconia


p. 157: The village of Kyparissi is described on page 157. However, no mention is given of the new road that has now opened north of Kyparissi, between the village and Poulithra. [Updated 24/6/19]

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