How to enjoy nature without leaving your house: RSPB’s Breakfast Birdwatch

25/03/2020 16:25

Written by Bradt Guides

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 8am would be rush hour for most of us - the time when we were commuting to work, doing the school run, or some similar activity that requires moving around, and thus unable to fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Now, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has launched a daily Breakfast Birdwatch to allow us all to enjoy the splendour of nature, from the safety of our own homes. 

Breakfast BirdwatchOne of the birds to look out for during the daily Breakfast Birdwatch: blackbird

With self-isolation restrictions reducing the amount of time we can spend outdoors, and with nature reserves closed until further notice, the RSPB is promoting the idea that nature can still be enjoyed by as many people as possible, whether keen birders or not.

The social media campaign, which takes place between 8am on 9am on weekdays, uses the hashtag #BreakfastBirdwatch (or #BrecwastGwylioAdar in Wales) to create a friendly and engaged online community. Participants can share what they see in their gardens, on their balconies, rooftops and spaces from their own homes, all the while inkeeping with the government's latest guidelines in relation to containing Covid-19.

If you see a bird and you would like to post a photo, or simply if you want to share updates, videos, questions and comments about the nature in your area, add the hashtag #BreakfastBirdwatch to join the conversation.

BreakfastBirdwatchAnother of the birds to look out for: chaffinch

Throughout the coming weeks, Breakfast Birdwatch will focus on different themes and different species, helping to identify what supporters have seen and / or heard, with experts answering questions along the way. Participants will be encouraged to get involved with creative outlets such as drawing and poetry, and to support others in this most trying of times.

As our founder Hilary noted earlier today, with the arrival of spring, there is so much incredible nature blooming and thriving outside. While we are in the midst of a such a crisis, the RSPB reminds us that we must not forget the beauty of nature and how it can be so positive for our mental health and wellbeing - and how the power of communication will get us all through this.

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