A walk around historic Roseau

Take a leisurely stroll around Dominica’s historic capital Roseau.

Written by Paul Crask


Roseau Market Dominica by Paul CraskThis route will take between two and three hours at a leisurely pace. Take plenty of water. Start in front of the Roseau cruise ship berth facing the old post office building, now home to the tourist information centre and Dominica Museum. Take the road between the museum and the Royal Bank of Canada and head eastwards away from the sea up King George V St. To your right is the Old Market. Continue straight on up King George V Street, taking note of the traditional architecture of the upper floors. At the junction with Great George Street, on your left, is Norwood House, one of the last surviving 19th-century town houses built almost entirely of wood. Continue along King George V Street right up to the junction with Bath Road. The Police Headquarters building will be on your left.

Straight ahead is Valley Road, gateway to the Roseau Valley. A short distance up this road on the right is an entrance to the Botanical Gardens (Valley Road Gate). Enter the gardens and walk alongside the cricket ground, which should be on your left. At the intersection, go left and then follow the signs for Jack’s Walk. Climb the steep footpath to the top of Morne Bruce and look out across the town from the viewpoint. Return back down Jack’s Walk. At the bottom, take a left and then a right down the steps. The path emerges by the parrot sanctuary where it is possible to see sisserou parrots. A jaco parrot aviary is located nearby.

(Photo: The market in Roseau © Paul Crask)

From the sanctuary head left at the junction and follow the path past the fallen giant baobab tree and the crushed school bus, and then exit the gardens through the Roseau Gate. Walk straight ahead at the road junction. Be careful because there is no footpath here. The Catholic cemetery is on your left. Take the second road on the left. This is Virgin Lane and runs past the Bishop’s House and main entrance of Roseau Cathedral. Come out of the cathedral and walk around to the west side where there are steps leading down. The Bethesda Methodist Church is to your right. At the bottom of the steps turn left and follow the road to the first junction. Turn right along Turkey Lane and walk to the end. At the junction with the small traffic island, turn left. St George’s Anglican Church is on your left-hand side followed by the grounds of the State House and then the House of Assembly. Cross the road and turn full circle, heading back towards town. The Public Library is on your left followed by the Fort Young Hotel. On the north side of Fort Young is Peebles Park with its flamboyant trees and bandstand. Cross the road to the cenotaph. On the far side of the cenotaph to the right of the Wacky Rollers (WRAVE) office is the pretty Fort Lane. Walk down this old cobbled street. At the bottom of Fort Lane turn left on Church Street and head back to the Old Market and the Bay Front where your walk began. Enjoy a refreshing drink from the Juice Man who usually stands by the market, or at the Cartwheel Cafe opposite the cruise ship jetty.

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